New Delly Belly!


multiple video screens, 4 channel surround sound,

live original songs and country 'n eastern music


multiple media collaboration by Ashim Ghosh, Deepak Castelino, & Amitesh Grover  

produced by  Mahiema Anand, Zonsta Creation

premiered on the 10th September 2009,

at The Epicentre, Gurgaon, India


In October 1993, Delly Belly, an original visual music show of Country‘n Eastern music about contemporary life in Delhi, was staged as part of the 20 years of TAG (Theatre Action Group) Festival. Delly Belly was written, performed and produced by musician Deepak Castelino & photographer-musician Ashim Ghosh. There were 10 live musicians on stage other than Ashim & Deepak; including guitarist Gussy Rikh, percussionist Ashim Chakravarty and then emerging singer KK; the support of actors like Amar Talwar and audiovisual experts like Arul Harris, a long list of dancers and co-performers, and a whacky stage, designed by the students of the then newly opened NIFT. Delly Belly played to overflowing houses for two shows and was acclaimed to be one of the best things that happened in Delhi in ‘93… CLICK TO SEE DELLY BELLY BROCHURES FROM 1993

    Now 16 years later, Ashim Ghosh & Deepak Castelino are collaborating with theatre director & video artist Amitesh Grover, to rework and contemporarise what they did in 1993, and stage New Delly Belly!  The live musical performance with original songs and music, will celebrate the great things about living in our city, while drawing attention to the not-so-great ones. Multiple and innovative projections showing top quality video and photographs on different perspectives on Delhi, accompanied by a live 4 channel surround sound, will present for the first time be a powerful and sensual experience on memories and portraits of New Delhi in 2009. Humorous, poignant, celebratory, sad…

  New Delly Belly! premiered on the 10th of September 2009, at the Epicentre, Gurgaon. The project is envisaged to be staged in various cultural institutions in NCR, in schools and colleges, and in various national and international art/theatre festivals in India and across the world. New Delly Belly! is being produced by film director/producer Mahiema Anand of Zonsta Creation.

live music & lyrics :

Ashim Ghosh & Deepak Castelino


video projection concepts & design :

Amitesh Grover


lighting design :

Gautam Majumdar


video footage, stills & multichannel sound design : Ashim Ghosh


additional video footage :

Dilip Varma


actors :

Aditi Biswas & Savita Rani


produced by

Mahiema Anand, Zonsta Creation


  Ashim Ghosh        Deepak Castelino     Amitesh Grover       Mahiema Anand

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in aid of the Vivekananda Rural Service Centre®, New Delhi

donations are welcome, in the name of  “Vivekananda Rural Service Centre®”

an 80-G Tax exemption is applicable.

 some excerpts of our work-in-progress to click and play...

video excerpt links : Chewing gum man        Power

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(C)Deepak Castelino

...about the ongoing electricity crisis in New Delhi

Chewing Gum Man

(C)Ashim Ghosh/Deepak Castelino

...about "Tinku" who used to sell Chewing Gum at Patel Chest! An insight from our days in Delhi University in the 80s. U-Specials, bus passes, Patel Chest...

Corporation Time

(C)Deepak Castelino

...corporate life


The Ballad of Kaun Hai Roko!

(C)Ashim Ghosh

1993 ...elections in May

the games we play...


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